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Tarantula is developed by SEO engineers and marketers with both agency and affiliate backgrounds. Choose solutions that work instead of paying for ineffective backlinks. Send an inquiry and get your custom links with dedicated reporting.

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Let us know about your market and goals. We can develop a dedicated link infrastructure tailored to your needs or offer links on previously published, trusted, high quality websites optimized for your industry, niche and language.

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Domain selection

Tarantula’s system scans more than 10,000 domains daily and picks those with promising backlink profiles. They go through the process of manual selection, backorder & registration, and then on to the testing phase.

Domain testing

Each domain is tested to verify whether it will be useful in the SEO process. After manual selection, which involves investigating its history, we test if it passes link juice. Each domain gets an individual certificate, ensuring that it has authority to share and isn’t toxic.


Fed up with receiving link building offers from spammy looking, outdated, suspicious and ugly websites? Get fully functional WordPress or HTML5 microsites with genuine design, proper performance and individual elements that build trustworthiness.


Needless to say, before publishing your links, we optimize each website in terms of performance, technical SEO, internal linking and content. We regain previously gained authority by reconstructing the site’s historical structure and avoiding unnecessary redirects.

Content creation

Each website is filled with properly designed and optimized AI content. You can also send your own article or we can deliver a well-crafted piece of content with the proper selection of keywords relevant to the target URL topic.

No footprints

We never link between our websites, so no need to worry – Tarantula is not literally a PBN and it’s never a network, so you are safe. We use both blog, portfolio or company website templates with multiple layout combinations, making it impossible to tie them together.

Shared or private

Choose between dedicated microsites and shared ones. Diversify your link profile by selecting links from both. Feel free to ask us for advice. Tarantula’s SEO experts will gladly recommend proper solutions for your industry, target page & keyword. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support, consultancy or additional information about link building!

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Maciej Chmurkowski


Expert in the field of automation with experience in international affiliate SEO. Maciej is responsible for software development and optimization of Tarantula’s main processes.


SEO and marketing specialist, SEO agency owner, consultant & strategist. His role is to ensure that Tarantula meets your needs and helps you to achieve your business goals.

Jacek Ruszkowski


Experienced SEO specialist responsible for proper domain selection, testing, topical recovery and content creation. Fan of scalable and tested solutions focused on details.


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